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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

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We Are Enough

On a walk recently I watched a bird high up on a tree struggling to lift off. It may have been hurt and full of fear however what was evident that it was not opening its wings and flight could not occur. It got me to thinking how much we are like that wounded bird.

Muddied Thinking Brings Muddied Results

Have you ever noticed how much undefined thinking and visualization we carry with us daily in the vapors of our mind?  Often we read “if you know what you want you can have it.”  How can we get clarity as to what it is that we want?


Reflect on the following:
At which threshold are you now standing?
At this time in my life what do I need to leave?
What do I need to enter?
What fears are holding me back?
I remember as a little girl attempting to leave the house in a winter storm.  My mother yelled,” Laura don’t you dare cross that threshold”

It Is Important to Break Some Rules

Quite often our life has no" juice" in it because we live without questioning beliefs and patterns that have been passed down to us by others. Others, start with our family rules or codes, church rules, school rules, and all of their attempts to civilize us, and  take the wildness out of us. Is it any wonder that so many are bored with our life as it is. Whose life is it anyhow?
      I have measured out my life in coffe spoons. ( T.S.Eliot,1920

You Are Enough

We do a violence to our souls when we use precious energy comparing ourselves to others or strive towards some final destination, The striving to get beyond where we are to some imaginary landscape,is never satisfying and never enough.

Do Not Turn the Other Cheek ---Too Soon

Too often somebody else is persuading us to get over "it". Such admonishments may come from the pulpit, our family,even one who has hurt us. Of course I know holding on to grudges and resentments can hurt us in many ways undermining our happiness and self esteem in the world. It takes a great deal of our precious life energy to drag along our well of injustices however. too soon often equates a superficial resolution at best

STOP Thinking and Solve the Problem!!

Einstein said the thinking that created the problem cannot solve the problem.  We cannot solve the problem at the same level of consciousness that conceived it.

Visualize two children quarreling on the playground,screaming  "IT's MINE", "NO IT IS NOT YOURS". It goes on and on with no respite until an older, wiser or more experienced person comes in and resolves the conflict.It is easy to see the need for a higher level of consciousness in this situation. 

What We can Learn from the Salmon

 The salmon seem to know instinctively that to be fully alive,and to stay alive when the harsh currents hit them
 they have to use all of their parts to propell them through the rough spots.  Using  their underbelly from center to tail, into the powerful currents coming at them, they are able to move closer to their destination, and become stronger in the process. The salmon become stronger by leaning into the problems facing them. Courageously they accept and move through life as they know it,by using all of themselves to do so .

You Are Not Alone Out There

In today’s uncertain world, there is a thirst for meaning and purpose. It feels especially bleak when the illusion is pierced and a realization that being fully alive cannot be bought with a “Master Card.”

When our"Heroes" fly too close to the Sun

What do our fears have to do with our designated 'heroes'downfall. In Greek mythology Icarus, son of inventor Daedalus,did not heed his father's warning "do not go too close to the sun",because his wings were made of feathers and wax. In his heady excitement with youthful feelings of invincibility, he flew too close. The wax melted,his wings fell off, dumping Icarus into the sea.


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