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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

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Another Limb on the Pocrastination Tree

Most of us have not had respectful,positive,co-operative parenting. Early in life we are as sponges,soakingup, taking in everything from authoritarian parents,churches, and educational systems. The rules of such systems require that we accept what they pass down as if it were our truth. Our natural curiousity, creativity and freedom to question eveyrthing is suppressed to get by.


I'll stay for now with the "fear of failure". Of all the underpinnings of procrastination that have us by the scruff of the neck,this limb is particularly potent. From where I sit, one of the main reasons we do not embrace our failures as learning opportunities is that we have an illusion that we should not have such things happen to us.In other words we do not accept the reality that just as there will joy in our lives,there will be sorrow and failure.

More about" procastination",----later:

This morning on my walk,I saw 3 deer, a fox,and a large turtle. How exciting is that all in the space of an hour. It got me to thinking about the traits of animals that resonate with our own.  The slow plodding of the turtle I totally get as I am more turtle than deer when it's time to make changes in my life. I pray to be more like the deer, who may tremble in the headlights , but do not proscratinate when it's time to take action,and cross the road. Now the fox I have seen before at twilight darting into the shadows.

One limb of the tree of "PROCRASTINATION"

There are several limbs on this tree however the one most of us know about is" the fear of failure". You know the drill, what if I give a party and noboby comes etc.,what if I marry and it does not work out? From where I sit if we are over 21 we have all "failed" many times. We Know how to fail.The point of failing is to learn.from the experience, as it is our best teacher. We hardly ever learn when things are going well for us.  What if we reframed our so called failures as sucessful character building.

Life is a feast (but we have to choose we can’t have it all)

Sometimes like greedy little children if we can’t have it all we won’t play. It is important to realize that everything does not have the same priority or weight. Whatever we give our attention to takes time and time is not infinite, no matter how young one is or how invincible one feels. So to have a fuller more passionate life pick what is really important to you and go for it.  So choose, choose, choose! I’ll see you further down the road.

Different but equal

This morning on my walk, I visually searched for last week's cardinals that made me go aaah!
They were nowhere to be found!  Off seducing somebody else I imagine with their charismatic ways.
As it is with us humans we tend to clutch to the good experiences in life and I wanted to see them AGAIN!!!  As I kept searching, something interesting happened, I saw a bluebird, then another, and one more.
I went oooh!!

Be willing to be a Beginner

Everyday I talk to clients about being willing to be a beginner.  I tell them be curious, learn something new. Alas, it is easier to teach than to do!  However here I am  beginning to learn how to use the computer full of hesitancy and resistance. So just for today I am working on my attitude . How about you ?  good luck to you . Let me hear how you are doing with your beginnings. Bye for now Laura


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