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law of attraction

If The Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You

Just like the iceberg is 10% visible and 90% under water so it is with the conscious mind and subconscious mind. Most of us go through life about 10% in charge of what we are doing. The vast unknown our subconscious is a rich underworld of shadows, beliefs, fears, anger; the sum total of every thing that has happened to us from birth, the whole catastrophe. Guess then who is really running your life. You got it, the parts your ignore, despise, reject or project.


The Law of Attraction - Losiers

The Law of Attraction - Michael J. Losiers The Law of Attraction
By: Michael J. Losiers
Publisher: Wellness Central
Pages: 142

I like that the author made reference to the fact that the Law of Attraction is not a new concept. It always has been operating in our lives and always will be. He gave reference and respect to earlier documentation and authors.

He like others introduces us to the three Universal Laws. What is different and more helpful here is the way he chooses to encourage, elucidate and carry the reader along. Even if the reader is skeptical Michael Losiers teaching style is engaging, provokes curiosity in that he is practical, encourages repetition until one gets it. His material is easily grasped, simply presented as well as quite powerful.


The Law of Attraction - Hicks

The Law of Attraction - Ester and Jerry Hicks

The Law of Attraction
By Ester and Jerry Hicks
Publisher: Hay House 2006
Pages: 194

 I recommend the Law of Attraction. At first glance it may seem like there is nothing new here, that its all been said many times, many ways. The teachings are presented in an interesting, clear format and in a step by step application if one chooses to apply. The more one studies what is given, the deeper and more substantive it becomes. As a result of reading and studying this book I became more aware of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that no longer serve me. As I read it helped to pull out of the vapors and put in concrete form in writing, ideas, feelings and thoughts that needed further elucidation, especially those that engendered resistance. I was able to see more clearly where I allow the Law of Attraction to work and where happenings occur by default.

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