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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

Another Limb on the Pocrastination Tree

Most of us have not had respectful,positive,co-operative parenting. Early in life we are as sponges,soakingup, taking in everything from authoritarian parents,churches, and educational systems. The rules of such systems require that we accept what they pass down as if it were our truth. Our natural curiousity, creativity and freedom to question eveyrthing is suppressed to get by.
We are passed down second hand beliefs such as "in this family,we are Christians,Methodists,you should only read the Bible, never the Koran"."Youshould do it this way ,our way is the right way,you are wrong, etc.,etc.,"
In order to experience some freedom from the oppressiveness of such small boxes, rules and beliefs,we claim a little bit of freedom by procrastinating. We know that being controlled, judged,punished,and deprived are not good for our spirit,however we are to young to verbalize,and if we did who would listen? We claim small personal victories and momentary freedoms by delaying, saying " later"," in a minute","in the New Year", etc.
The early ways we handled such situations became entrenched in our unconscious as automatic habits or responses to life's requests of us. .Although it gives us a momentary freedom  from the expectations, the habit sabatoges our potential for authentic freedom.
So question,review, and reflect your life story to see if you are in bondage from rules of the past that are not yours. Choose what to keep and what to surrender.Choice is very different than procrastination.  More next time .Laura