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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

It is Never too late to Manifest the Life you want

Do you get discouraged and think that if you were going to manifest a full passionate life, it would have already happened. From where I sit, the universe does not give us one opportunity and then let the river run dry. What seems to happen is that our greater good is still there, waiting ,waiting for our readiness to claim what is rightfully ours, at our banquet of life.

All banquets however require preparation,and so we have to prepare, to refine our thoughts,explore our beliefs,and to have enough faith in our worthiness to recieve.
In my writings on Manifestation, as well as in my new book "Journey into a Passionate Life", I address the many obstacles that get in the way on  our journey through life. I help you identify,explore and particularly in the accompanying workbook, give you the tools to work your way through many levels in order to get on the other side - meaning free.

My book: Journey into a Passionate Life