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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

Kitty Hatcher

"Your astrological chart is like a blueprint of who you are. My job is to help you understand yourself and the cycles you are going through so you can maximize your strong points and minimize your week points. I believe the cycles you go through are predictable but you have a choice as to how we deal with the cycles." Kitty Hatcher

Kitty Hatcher has been a professional astrologer for over thirty years and is known internationally as a teacher, lecturer, and consultant. Kitty has appeared on radio and television and has written columns for magazines, newspapers and Internet publications. She speaks in terms that anyone can understand and has a unique way of combining astrology with psychology, motivation, common sense and global trends.

Kitty may be reached by phone at 410-433-5064 or by email at

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