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The Law of Attraction - Hicks

The Law of Attraction - Ester and Jerry Hicks

The Law of Attraction
By Ester and Jerry Hicks
Publisher: Hay House 2006
Pages: 194

 I recommend the Law of Attraction. At first glance it may seem like there is nothing new here, that its all been said many times, many ways. The teachings are presented in an interesting, clear format and in a step by step application if one chooses to apply. The more one studies what is given, the deeper and more substantive it becomes. As a result of reading and studying this book I became more aware of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors that no longer serve me. As I read it helped to pull out of the vapors and put in concrete form in writing, ideas, feelings and thoughts that needed further elucidation, especially those that engendered resistance. I was able to see more clearly where I allow the Law of Attraction to work and where happenings occur by default.

The book addresses three universal Laws. First Law being the Law of Attraction, stressing that an understanding of the first law is necessary for the other two laws to be meaningful and powerful. The Law of Attraction and its magnetic power brings to us the essence of what we focus on, whether it is something we want or do not want. When this Law is understood by us, we are given steps to learn how to attract to ourselves more of what we want to experience.

The second Law, The Science of Deliberate Creation tells us that we get what we thing about whether we want it or not. The book gives us ways of becoming more in control of how we create, by deliberately choosing our thoughts and feelings. We are also given an understanding of how we create by default, when not understanding these Laws and their power.

The third Law, The Art of Allowing says it is most important we allow others to be who they are as we allow ourselves to be that which we are. In others words it’s very important we be free in our lives and choices and be intentional in what and when we attract. It is also important to allow others to be free as well. Its not our job to try to fix others to our liking. Also others when we understand the laws cannot come into our lives without us allowing them at some level. Being a psychotherapist I frequently have couples come for assistance and the primary focus seems to be one person demanding the other person change to think feel, behave more like them. This is an example of the stifling yoke of “not allowing”.

I particularly liked the Creative Workshop Process. Remembering to go into the suggested daily 15-20 minutes with an uplifted feeling was helpful. It made an enormous difference from the way I usually go into meditation or review. More often than not there is “time pressure”, and anxiety runs the show. The deliberate intent of the uplifted energy was powerful enough to override the time issue and it became a more meaningful experience. Allowing becomes easier after such practice.

It occurs to me that the Law of Attraction may work well for a segment of society experiencing worthiness, clarity and fairly high sense of self. As a psychotherapist I see people who are struggling with depression, shame, low self esteem, grief etc. At such times it is difficult for a person to lift their spirits into a higher frequency. In our consciousness we are quite similar to icebergs with 10% being our conscious mind leaving 90% underwater as our subconscious mind. We may consciously say we desire something but our subconscious may be conflicted. Our subconscious runs the show.

There may be people who blame themselves yet again when they don’t or can’t accomplish what the book promises. Change is a process and it usually takes time. Sometimes people need professional help and additional tools in order to feel worthy of what they really desire. I wish the authors had given more time and space to this issue.