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The Law of Attraction - Losiers

The Law of Attraction - Michael J. Losiers The Law of Attraction
By: Michael J. Losiers
Publisher: Wellness Central
Pages: 142

I like that the author made reference to the fact that the Law of Attraction is not a new concept. It always has been operating in our lives and always will be. He gave reference and respect to earlier documentation and authors.

He like others introduces us to the three Universal Laws. What is different and more helpful here is the way he chooses to encourage, elucidate and carry the reader along. Even if the reader is skeptical Michael Losiers teaching style is engaging, provokes curiosity in that he is practical, encourages repetition until one gets it. His material is easily grasped, simply presented as well as quite powerful.

The exercises he gives, help us learn what we really want, as a result of contrast and clarification. These exercises bring the Laws within reach of whomever is serious about understanding and creating what the Laws promise. Leaving space in his book to do the work, to experience the process is a plus for those who to procrastinate and wait until they get the right notebook etc. to start. No excuses here!!

Be careful of what you want you may get it! So if these Laws are so powerful why aren’t they working for the multitudes. They are working even if you are getting more of the negative. Being a psychotherapist I examine clients self-talk routinely. At a conscious level they say they always or only want such-such in their lives. However the life they are living may be quite different from what they say they want. Looking at their storyline it becomes evident that they are attracting more of what they don’t want.

The author examines the process by which we often attract what we don’t want giving us a pathway to change direction. His “reset” button idea is indeed a symbol of hope. You may start over, using this symbol.

This book has a lot to offer within its 142 pages. I recommend it highly if you are curious about learning how to use the Law of Attraction in your life in a deliberate, positive way.


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