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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

Make Anger Your Ally

Tomorrow,Feb 22nd, I will be a guest on NPR,89.9 from 12;10pm to 12;25 pm for those who have asked about the time.
I will be addressing the passion in anger, and how we can better use its energy for a fuller life..
Anger is so often maligned in our society due to its association with the darkness of out of control violence,which is really rage.
Because of our fears of the extreme we deny our anger,  wall it off and push it down. Since "there is no free lunch", it shows up in convuluted ways,some socially acceptable, as in being critical of self and others, being irritable,judgemental. Denial of the reality of anger within us often leads to many physical illnesses,however we seem to have trouble connecting the dots in this regard.
What I show you in my book" Journey into a Passionate Life", is how to harness the power of anger that is conscious or unconscious(tools in my companion workbook),in order to have its energy for a richer life.
Whether you know it or not you have a well of anger , it is part of being human.It is so much better to accept that you do have anger,, make friends with it so you do not have an important part of your life's energy blocked off, and unavailable to you.   You will then have more of your authentic self ready to   manifestest the life you want and deserve.    Blessings, Laura