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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

More about" procastination",----later:

This morning on my walk,I saw 3 deer, a fox,and a large turtle. How exciting is that all in the space of an hour. It got me to thinking about the traits of animals that resonate with our own.  The slow plodding of the turtle I totally get as I am more turtle than deer when it's time to make changes in my life. I pray to be more like the deer, who may tremble in the headlights , but do not proscratinate when it's time to take action,and cross the road. Now the fox I have seen before at twilight darting into the shadows. Today I stood still to admire it,but it soon sensed me and scurried across the road. I am not as taken w/the characteristics peculiar to the fox.
One summer I visited Sedona,Arizona and went in the desert among the red rocks w/a Shaman who believed that the animals that we encounter in  rour days  are there to nudge us to develop more of their characteristics ..While in the desert I saw a wolf.Wolves are revered in the SW for their beauty and fidelity. Wolves mate for life I was told  Our dogs teach us the meaning of unconditional love, think about your dog  in a bigger frame , that of" teacher.". How cool is that . See you further down the road.  Laura