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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

Obstacles to Manifestation – What Do You Really Want? (Part 2)

Are you puzzled about what is getting in your way of manifesting the life you desire?

Do you wish that someone would give you some of the tools that will enable you to move towards achieving your dreams and goals?

Do you wish that you understood what your conflicts mean, where they come from and how to resolve them?

Are Aunt Nellie’s beliefs right for you or are you accepting a second hand story?

In Part 1 we examined some of the “course correction” needed to have more of what you really want in your life. In our time together during this episode, I will focus on giving you important tools that will answer some of these questions and assist you on your journey towards manifesting a more abundant life.

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April 22, 2011