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One limb of the tree of "PROCRASTINATION"

There are several limbs on this tree however the one most of us know about is" the fear of failure". You know the drill, what if I give a party and noboby comes etc.,what if I marry and it does not work out? From where I sit if we are over 21 we have all "failed" many times. We Know how to fail.The point of failing is to learn.from the experience, as it is our best teacher. We hardly ever learn when things are going well for us.  What if we reframed our so called failures as sucessful character building. If this piece is getting in the way of your success review, reflect and do your best to not make the same mistakes again and cut this fear off your tree of procrastination. More on the other limbs later. See you further down the road; Laura.


I am haunted by my failures in the past, and yes I am well over the age of 21. Those thoughts and experiences have certainly stayed with me over the years.
Every time I face a new challenge, or have to work at overcoming some obstacle those demons rear their ugly head.

I liked your comment about those experiences offer the benefit of character building. I know it is all in the way I look at them. Not only how I look at failure, but in how I perceive success.