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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.


I'll stay for now with the "fear of failure". Of all the underpinnings of procrastination that have us by the scruff of the neck,this limb is particularly potent. From where I sit, one of the main reasons we do not embrace our failures as learning opportunities is that we have an illusion that we should not have such things happen to us.In other words we do not accept the reality that just as there will joy in our lives,there will be sorrow and failure.
Soo! where does such an illusion come from? Sometimes I have clients come to see me in their thirties, in a first crisis, and ill-prepared to deal with it. They can't believe this is happening to them, They tell me they had their lives mapped out to preclude failure.They went to the right schools,colleges ,married the right person and are in top notc h careers. I feel for them in their  suffering,however I also know that now they have an opportunity to face their faulty thinking and start the journey of becoming more whole,if they will. Acceptance by the way does not mean that we have to like what is upon us to deal with,it just means that is a fact of reality and we start to deal with our pain by accepting what is,a starting point so to speak.Until we accept we use precious energy fighting what is .Jus as our days have sunshine,shadows,and darkness, we have to have our failures to become less superficial, and be fully grateful for our joys and our successes.
See you further down the road.