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Things Seem to be Going Fast and Crazy Right Now

Do you yourself wondering why life seems out of control? Kitty Hatcher will be rejoining us this week to help us find out what is happening from an astrological point of view. Find out how to feel financially and personally secure in times like these. Get tips on how to handle fear and anxiety while learning how to make these changing times work for you…

Kitty will also explain what “Astrology and Psychology” have in common. How these fields are alike, how they are different and, more importantly, how they can be used together. Kitty will address the question about predestination and nature verses nurture…

Finally, we will discuss “Astrology and the Dynamics of Relationships.” Join us to find out why you attract the kind of friends, bosses and partners you attract. Learn how astrology can help you understand your own mental, emotional and relationship needs. Also learn how to recognize potential problems and find relationship solutions.

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Air Date: 
September 2, 2011