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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

If The Law Of Attraction Is Not Working For You

Just like the iceberg is 10% visible and 90% under water so it is with the conscious mind and subconscious mind. Most of us go through life about 10% in charge of what we are doing. The vast unknown our subconscious is a rich underworld of shadows, beliefs, fears, anger; the sum total of every thing that has happened to us from birth, the whole catastrophe. Guess then who is really running your life. You got it, the parts your ignore, despise, reject or project. Often when people come for help their self esteem is lower that they’d like it to be. They often present symptoms shame, grief, fear, blame, addictions, anger, self-loathing, depression and other such painful emotions. If you have been stuck in any of the above feelings for a significant amount of time you may need some tools to attract anything to you except more of the same. Sometimes the dichotomy between what you want and what you believe you deserve is too much for immediate success. What do you expect your life to be like when you receive what you want? Will abundance in your life have consequences? There are always consequences. Is there secondary gain in keeping things the way they are? If in your heart you suspect that you are unworthy, inadequate, flawed etc. do you expect the desired outcome to make you more loveable, valuable, confident and secure person. There is an old saying, “be careful of what you want you may get it.” The success and abundance you reap externally, cannot heal the internal wounds. Remember the lives and deaths of Janis Joplin, Marilyn Monroe, John Belushi. Having a lot did not bring them peace, a sense of worthiness and security. They experienced the adoration of their fans and became icons of the culture. Such popularity did not bring them a sustaining happiness. With all of their resources and the availability of the best help money could buy they didn’t mend the chasm between their stardom and their old limiting beliefs, so they self sabotaged and tragically died. So what do you want? As an example you may say “I want to be happy.” This is too vague, too general. I say – get clearer what does happiness look like to you? What are you visualizing about it? What is the picture you see when you are happy? When you are happy what do you hear yourself saying about yourself? What are you feeling? When have you felt this way before(it can be a moment of happiness you remember from long ago). If you remember a moment of happiness bring this feeling into your chest, heart and hold on to it so you can recreate it around what you want. Feel it as deeply as possible in other words, allow your body to have a visceral experience. This make what you want more possible. If thoughts of been undeserving come up, stop the exercise and deal with such before you do the intense exercise. As you work with the above example see how you get into it with intention and feelings. You pull it out of the vapors and bring it into your experience as if it had already happened. You put meat on its bones, give it sustenance send the vibration out to the universe to be attracted into your life. The thing is we are always attracting to us what we want and don’t want. It’s our lack of discipline in getting clear, purpose fit and focused that keeps what we really desire away. Remember how it was when you went to high school or college. You went there with clear intent even if you never verbalized it, to do the work necessary to graduate. There was a clear end in sight. Most of us do not to go high school or college to see how it works out and not have a plan. It’s not in the vapors of maybe, I’ll see, I have to wait until, until what? No it’s taking a plan of course work whereby one thing builds on the other until it is completed. We have what we wanted and intended to have. I encourage anyone who is not experiencing the abundance promised by the Law of Attraction to know they can have more of what they want, much more. Don’t buy into the idea that results need to be fast, that’s a pressure that keeps you feeling deprived. If you look at the above example of high school or college it took you four years of building a foundation for the end result of graduation. So stop and get to know yourself at yet a deeper level in order to see what resistance you may have towards having what you say you want. If you need professional help to root it out get it. Procrastination is a resistance in and of itself to what is possible. Quite often there is an underpinning of fear to be processed. As I mentioned earlier there are always consequences to change. Our loved ones may not support us in change, it may make them anxious and insecure, so they have an investment in keeping us the same. An example is a woman I know whose husband brings her chocolates only when she’s on a diet. She’s angry about his lack of support. So if she gets slender she has to face his insecurities which may lead to some changes in the marriage they have now with her as a “fat woman”. I’ll be writing more as time goes on about the Law of Attraction and giving you more ideas and tools on getting it to work more positively in your life.